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International Conference

Bucharest, 27-28 June 2022

Shedding light on the dark territory of food safety –
future solutions for risk reduction in domestic kitchens 

Invitation to conference

The Safeconsume consortium invites you to the conference “Shedding light on the dark territory of food safety – future solutions for risk reduction in domestic kitchens“. The event will be held in the city of Bucharest, Romania in June 2022. 

Safe food is a shared responsibility of all actors along the food chain. As the last line of defence, stands the consumer. About 40% of all reported foodborne illnesses in Europe are acquired from food consumed at home and there is a need for new approaches to help consumers mitigate risk. A combination of strategies is necessary, including as material infrastructures aiding safe behaviours, improved skills and knowledge and an inclusive food safety policy. 

In this conference, you will get a state-of-the-art introduction to consumer practices that affect the risk of foodborne infection and a range of strategies to reduce this risk. The programme is a combination of short presentations, demonstrations, and debates. Also, you are invited to participate with your own ideas, products, findings or viewpoint through a pitch or poster.  

The conference will be of interest for policy actors, scientists, risk communicators, educators and anyone interested in food safety at the consumer part of the chain.



Abstract Submission

25th May 2022

Abstract Acceptance

30th May 2022

Registration deadline

1st June 202

Poster Guidelines


Abstracts that have been selected for poster presentation will be virtually displayed on the conference website. Choose one of the two variants suggested for presentation (2 images version, 3 images version). Although virtually displayed, in the conference programme there will be specific times allocated to view posters ensuring delegates have sufficient opportunity to meet and discuss with the poster presenters.

About SafeConsume

Safeconsume is a consortium of experts from science, policy, education, design, innovation and business working together to develop strategies to help consumers mitigate risk from foodborne infection. A total number of 32 organisations from 14 European countries are partners in the consortium. The Research and Innovation Action is funded by Horizon2020. It started in 2017 and will be going on until October 2022.

Foodborne illness caused by microorganisms represents a significant health and economic burden. The World Health Organisation has estimated that about 23 million people suffer from foodborne illness in Europe each year and nearly 40% of food-borne outbreaks occur in the domestic setting.

The overall goal of SafeConsume is to reduce the health burden from foodborne illness in Europe by suggesting and developing strategies that will help consumers mitigating risk:

  • Tools, technologies and products that stimulate safe practices
  • Communication strategies that effectively stimulate adoption and market uptake of safer practices and tools/technologies
  • Education programmes increasing skills and knowledge and aiding teenagers to handle food safely

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727580